Become a Stacks developer

Starting Stacks

From complete Stacks beginner all the way to getting paid to build real-world, meaningful projects, Starting Stacks is a roadmap and resource hub for becoming a professional Stacks developer.

Step 1

Get the Basics

Learn About Stacks

Before you can start building on Stacks, you need to know what it is and what makes it unique. In short, Stacks unleashes Bitcoin's potential to build a decentralized economy, without changing Bitcoin itself.

Step 2

Meet Clarity

Learn Clarity

One of the biggest advantages of building on Stacks is getting to program in its unique smart contract language, Clarity. Clarity has been intentionally designed from the ground up to help developers write secure, robust smart contracts. The Clarity website has numerous learning resources, including the Clarity Book and the cohort-based Clarity Camps.

Step 3

Master Stacks

Read the Tutorials

Mastering Stacks is an ever-growing series of in-depth tutorials teaching you everything you need to know in order to build full-stack dapps with Stacks. By walking through building multiple start-to-finish projects, you'll learn all the essential pieces of the tech stack and how they all fit together to create dapps secured by Bitcoin.

Step 4

Deepen Your Knowledge

Join the Waitlist

For those ready to take their Stacks skills to the next level, Clarity Universe is a cohort-based educational experience to master Clarity and the Stacks ecosystem, with additional content on blockchains, videos, live workshops, Q&A, office hours, and a capstone hackathon.

Step 5

Go Pro

View Open Jobs

Ready to make the leap into being a full-time professional Stacks developer? There are always multiple amazing companies hiring talented developers. Looking for something a little more casual? Apply for a Grant or Residency. Ready to go big and start your own company on Stacks? Apply for Stacks Ventures.

Resource Hub

There's a lot going on in the Stacks ecosystem. The Resource Hub is your guide to exploring all of it. There are different articles, videos, Twitter spaces, and podcasts all categorized by what they'll help you do or learn about.

Web3 for Bitcoin

A live workshop going over the basics of what Stacks is, why to build on it, and how to get started.

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Exploring Stacks with Trevor.btc

An episode of the "Bitcoin is Hard" podcast. An excellent overview of Stacks and its benefits for the curious and skeptical.

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Stacks 101 Twitter Thread

A concise overview of what the Stacks chain is, how it works, and why its unique.

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Stacks Whitepaper

A technical overview of the functionality and design of the Stacks blockchain.

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Proof of Transfer Whitepaper

A deep dive into Stacks' novel consensus mechanism, Proof of Transfer.

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Securing Web3 Apps Through Bitcoin

An overview of the Stacks Proof of Transfer consensus mechanism and how it enables Stacks apps to be connected to and secured by Bitcoin.

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What Kind of Blockchain is Stacks?

An in-depth article clearing up some misconceptions about what kind of blockchain Stacks actually is.

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Blockchains Do Not Scale

A brief writeup of why blockchains do not and should not scale.

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How Stacking Helps the Network

An overview of why the stacking functionality is good for the Stacks network as a whole.

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